Inner City

Inner City

In America’s major cities, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are lost and hurting, desperate to hear the good news. SCORE Domestic has seen firsthand the devastating issues that poverty leaves in its wake. These issues often stem from a lack of knowledge of Jesus, a lack of faith, and a lack of opportunities for education and meaningful work. Our goal is to partner with churches and organizations who are already serving in urban settings, and to come alongside them to share God’s love in practical ways. Our inner-city trips focus specifically on children and teens, but there are often opportunities to share with adults as well.

Our Work

SCORE Domestic is proud to partner with a wide range of ministries and churches in major U.S. cities. There are extensive ministry opportunities in New York City, Eutaw, AL, Baltimore, MD, and Orlando, FL. We seek to work alongside those sharing the Gospel in their communities through various projects that meet physical needs. Short-term mission teams help supply labor, passion, and energy to reach the lost people in these communities. As one church planter put it, "Mission teams are like the reinforcements to the front lines in battle. Just when we think we can't make it any longer, they give us the tools to continue the fight!"

Year-Round Trip Opportunities

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