The U.S. region called Appalachia stretches 205,000 square miles from New York to Mississippi and encompasses many cultures.  Said to have acquired its name by the northern Florida Apalachee Indian tribe, Appalachia literally means “endless mountain range.” Conventionally, the 22 million people who live in the more than 400 counties that make up this region live in higher poverty rates, have lower education levels and have limited health care when compared to the rest of the nation. Today, Appalachian people are more diverse than ever, both rural and urban. Nevertheless, they share a common pride, common values, and a common heritage. Communities have suffered from industries such as oil, coal, mining, timber, and others. After extracting resources, many of these industries left Appalachia, leaving the landscape scarred yet beautiful, exploited yet underdeveloped. Even after all this, you will still find people who possess strong family values, self-reliance, and pride. While religion is important in Appalachia, the reality is that more than 65% of the region is unchurched. Some counties are as high as 80% unchurched. Culture and religion are interwoven. While mountain people are generally familiar with the Bible, respectful of the church, and welcoming of anyone who comes in the name of the Lord, there is a vast majority without saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our Work

SCORE Domestic joyfully partners with NAMB's Appalachian Regional Ministry, local churches, and outreach ministries to provide needed volunteers to bring the love of Jesus to Central Appalachia. Every initiative focuses on showing unconditional love to the people of this region while meeting a practical need, and of course, sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. The work of SCORE mission teams has been life transforming for many boys and girls, teenagers and adults in Appalachia, as we have shared the love of Jesus through home repair projects, shoe giveaways, VBS, sports camps, and numerous other projects.

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