Spiritual Preparation

Spiritual Preparation

While there are many details to work out before a mission trip, spiritual preparation is the most important component for our travelers. Preparing your heart and mind for the purpose of the trip requires guidance from leaders and diligent prayer. God has chosen you to embark on this journey, and there are several ways to prepare yourself for responding to His call.  

Download a list of great resources here.

In preparation, for your trip, ask God specifically for:

  • Opportunities to share the Good News
  • A spirit of flexibility when things don’t go as planned
  • Encouragement, as well as opportunities to encourage
  • Grace to carry out His work
  • Safety for yourself and your team
  • Proper rest and wellness for all involved with the trip
  • A changed perspective and closer walk with the Lord

Team Building

Team building helps your youth learn to overcome obstacles and work together toward a common goal. Leaders can help their teams prepare through group prayer, fundraising activities and training. All activities should focus on unifying your group through Scripture. Specifically, we recommend training in the following areas:

Evangelism Training: During your trip, youth may have the opportunity to lead someone to Christ. Mission teams should be trained in one-on-one evangelism. Training should also include how to give a personal testimony.

Discipleship Training: Youth need to learn how to walk deeper with the Lord. A daily devotional quiet time is essential. For Appalachia travelers, we recommend our 40 Day Devotional Training Manual.

For training information on specific mission projects please log in and download our Training Manual.



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