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“ I have had many life-changing experiences on this trip and my eyes have been opened! I can see that God can use me and I look forward to serving him the rest of my life!”  --Shelby Q.

“I got to share the Gospel with a group of girls who had never heard it before and one of them accepted Christ; it was the best thing ever!” --Shelby Q.

“ This trip has allowed me to see how much need there is in the world, and that we are all capable of doing something.”   --Will B.

“It helped me realize how easy sharing the Gospel is, even with a language barrier!”   --Mike C.

“ I will remember this week forever!”   --Mackenzie B.

“It was an amazing, life-changing week and God did amazing things! It has opened my eyes to people in need who need to know Jesus.”  -- Annie M.

“ I’ve realized how important it is to tell others about Jesus.”   --Liz B.

“This week – AMAZING!!!!”   --Ashley H.

“ I will never forget what I saw and will be more involved in missions. I praise God for the opportunity I had to come here and was blessed by this trip.”  -- Stephen T.

“This trip has been life changing. I see everything from a different perspective - PRAISE GOD!!!  -- Emily F.

“ This trip has opened my eyes to the needs in this world. It has also given me the encouragement and assurance that telling people about the Gospel is what I have to do the rest of my life. Pray that I would be 100% committed to God and the message of Jesus Christ wherever he calls me” -- Megan R.

“ I pray that I can take what I learned here and apply it to my daily life at home” -- Carrie N.

“ It was AWESOME….that is all….” -- Corey F.

“ This trip continued to show me the need to be “On Mission” at home and abroad. It is not a choice….we are called to be on mission and we are called to minister.” -- John B.

“ This trip impacted my life greatly. Before this trip I thought God wasn’t there. Now I know He is right here in my heart and everywhere we go. I wish I could just stay here and continue serving!” -- Lindsey R.

“This trip has confirmed my wife and I will serve on the mission field whereever God will have us.” -- Billy B.

“This trip has allowed me to let go of bitterness and come back to God; I am trying to surrender to the Lord fully.” -- Mallory G.

“ I have been coming with SCORE Domestic for four years and will continue to come back!” -- Madi D.

“This has increased my faith in the Lord. I see what HE is doing in the lives of others. It makes it real and I truly have surrendered my life to serve HIM!” -- Doug P.

“ I helped lead a girl to the Lord and shared my testimony. This week has been AWESOME!!” -- Andrea P.

“The Lord has moved mountains this week in those we served and our team!” -- Matt G.

“This mission trip has given me exactly what I needed, living just for the Lord. It put me exactly where the Lord was preparing me to be. I genuinely felt the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ filling me from head to toe and was able to pour it out to those we served. “  -- Allyson G.

“This gave me boldness in sharing Christ. Pray that I continue to be bold for Christ!”-- Allison L.

“ I have been a believer and born again for 35 years. This trip increased my faith more than I can tell you.”   -- Tommy H.

“ This trip showed me a lot, even how to deal with the loss of my mom.” -- John C.

“This trip helped me get my focus off myself and focus on serving Christ and His children.” -- Clay K.

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