Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the cost?

  • Lodging
  • Field staff
  • Meals: Breakfast is served each morning. To-go lunches are provided Monday-Thursday. No evening meals are provided, except in Appalachia.
  • Group interaction: Group meetings include orientation and two additional worship and devotion sessions.
  • Ministry set-up: Our office staff works with you to assess your group’s ability and ministry goals to match you with a mission project or multiple projects.

What is NOT included in the cost?

  • Transportation – to and from, and locally
  • Group insurance (optional)
  • Group discipline
  • Ministry materials for project** (VBS Curriculum, construction materials, tools, etc.) **Building materials included for all trips to WHEELWRIGHT, KY

What size group can participate?

Any size mission team may participate! We have groups from 10 people up to 250 people. Our average group size is 20 people. Some ministry sites may have group size limitations.

Will our group be split up?

Your mission team will serve together on a mission project. Groups are not mixed together for work projects. Larger groups may split into smaller teams to work on multiple projects.

Do you have staff on site?

All regularly scheduled mission trips will have SCORE staff onsite to oversee the general workings of the week. Duties of the SCORE staff include visiting the mission sites, leading worship meetings, ministering to the groups, and assisting you with any problems that may arise. Each group is assigned to work with a ministry contact at each location.

Who do you partner with?

We partner with full-time SCORE missionaries and other ministries such as:
  • Local churches
  • Church planters
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Outreach ministries
  • Baptist associations
  • Local housing agencies
  • Salvation Army
  • Relief ministries

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