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  SCORE Domestic has been sending short-term mission teams to Eastern Kentucky for the last 15 years. We have helped thousands of people serve in a short-term capacity across Appalachia. However, over the last few years, God has led us to seek a permanent ministry work in Appalachia. Why? Because the need is SO great and […]

This summer was my second summer serving in Appalachia with Score Domestic. Back in March, I began to question whether I was supposed to serve this summer. In the last year, I have been walking through a hard season of life and I have been overwhelmed emotionally and dried out spiritually. I started to believe […]

Throughout the eight weeks of serving in Appalachia, there were countless times that I saw God’s hand at work. These “God moments” came in the ordinary and the extraordinary moments, in the chaos and in the stillness, in the scheduled and in the spontaneous moments. A faith-based dance company, Steps of Faith, from Georgia and […]

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