We encourage our teams to plan several fundraising projects leading up to their trip. The following list of ideas have come from past experience, youth ministers, and participants.

Download a list of great resources here.

  • Design a T-shirt.
    You can design a church T-shirt, have it printed, and sell them for around $15. The shirts often cost less than $5 to produce.
  • Host a car wash.
    Partner with a local car wash or host your own! You can opt to charge a set fee or ask for donations. This provides a great opportunity to share with the community about your upcoming trip.
  • Hold a bake sale or auction.
    Ask youth and church members to bring cakes, candies, and other baked goods. Sell the items at a high-traffic location, or hold an auction after church.
  • Plan an after-church lunch.   Rather than charging a set amount per plate, ask for donations. That way, those whom God has blessed can give more and those who may be struggling financially can still stay and fellowship. They also contribute and get a sense of helping the group. The youth set up, serve, and clean up for the entire lunch.
  • Create your own idea!
    There are many ways to fundraise. This is where your team can get creative and take personal responsibility for the funding of their trip. Teams have been successful in many different ways, including:

    • Sponsoring a talent show
    • Pursuing sponsorships from local businesses
    • Creating and selling calendars
    • Hosting a church-wide garage sale
    • Selling holiday-related items such as Christmas wreaths or Mother’s Day flowers
    • Planning a youth vs. adults basketball game

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